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Why People Think Intraday Trading is better than Long Term Investment?

Share Market is the name where attraction automatically comes as it gives opportunity to become rich in short time period. At the same time it is dangerous if trades without knowledge or experience. Many traders like to trade in different style, like intraday or delivery. But it’s really true that most of trader love to trade in intraday? Here is the answer,

First of all, it’s all depending upon traders earning strategy and mostly people love to earn on daily basis and so Intraday is popular. In Intraday trading profit and loss can also being calculated on monthly basis, but trading is on day to day basis.
To do Intraday Trading, Here are some points to consider:-

· You must be proficient in technical analysis and chart reading.

· Must be aware about the news and have fundamental knowledge.

· Must be quick and sharp to buy and sell the stock because price goes up and down in seconds.

· Whatever position you are holding will be squared off at end of the day.

· Should be known about its risk capabilities.

Now above points are not much easy as it looks. You need to practice and need lots of years to be professional. But there are many few advisory firms which give good call of free intraday tips on whatsapp. With the help of advisory firm, you can earn decent profit everyday.

This COntent has been taken from: https://stocktipsandrecommendations.blogspot.com/p/free-intraday-tips-on-mobile.html


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